Our role

We help businesses and brands cultivate meaningful and plentiful relationships through social media.
Think of us as the megaphone for your brand voice.

Social Lume is a digital marketing resource for companies looking to expand their social reach and clout through influencer advertising. We help you rise above the digital chatter to let the right people know you're out there.

Our role is to put the spotlight on your company or brand by directing waves of targeted social media traffic towards your various social channels using our network of advertisers who influence over 50 Million social media users. These waves provide millions of impressions for your brand, thousands of which translate to immediate and organic follower growth comprised of real people who are genuinely interested in your product or mission.

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  • Research

    First we study what your target audience is already engaging with on social media

  • Placement

    Then we work with our network to arrange appropriate exposure for your brand

  • Promotion

    Audience members who like what they see will then follow your brand's social media channels

  • Reflection

    We refine and repeat these strategies until your brand grows wings of it's own


Our value

This is why we stand out from other social media marketers.
Our Network

We have amassed a social media network with a growing reach of over 50 Million followers across all major social media platforms spanning diverse niche themes. You are one email away from placing your brand in front of this audience.


We only offer organic social growth. That means every single follow & engagement is by a real live person who has discovered your brand through our network and has connected with your brand on their own accord. No robots, no sorcery.


We measure success by the value added to your brand, not the time spent on fugazy billable tasks. You want 50k new InstaG followers before a new product launch? Then 50k followers is our benchmark and we work until the target is exceeded.

We are well beyond the age of treating social media like a new gimmick for marketers. Social engagement is now a public testament to the integrity of your brand.

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